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Who we are.

We are San Diegans who believe data and technology can better serve citizens, sparking a more vibrant democracy and civic life. We treasure our communities and work together to bolster our public experience. We are a brigade of the national, non-partisan Code for America, leveraging their resources, but keenly focused on our improving local issues here at home.

The things we care about.

Mission: We strengthen San Diego citizens’ experience as among the best in the nation, by collaborating to create a more engaged, efficient, and effective democracy and civic life.

Vision: A thriving regional San Diego ecosystem, whose people, environment, and economy are supported by seamlessly implemented data and technology.

Our Values:

  • We are human-centered, focused on being accepting and respectful of all people (learn more in our Code of Conduct)
  • We are data-informed, focused on opening up and utilizing public data to make better decisions (learn more about San Diego Gov Open Data )
  • We are non-partisan, focused on improving our shared public life (learn more about Code for America's Values )

Share your talents and ideas

We are a Code for America Brigade , which means we’re of, by, and for our community - if you are in San Diego County, you belong! We’re civic-minded volunteers with a variety of skills and experiences in community development, urban planning, non-profits, government, business, software development, design, data science and more! Whether your talents or ideas, you have something to contribute towards improving the way our local governments and community organizations work.

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Meals Count

A web-based tool California school districts can use to optimize free meal program participation and federal reimbursement

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San Diego Voter's Voice

Campaign Finance information website for San Diego local offices

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Code for America

Code For America

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we’re civic-minded volunteers of techies, creatives, business people and other civic-stakeholders that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations work.

See what kind of things brigades do, and watch the TED talk given by Jennifer Pahlka, Founder of Code for America.