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We are not just coders! Open San Diego needs designers, urban planners, government insiders, community organizers, marketers, economists, writers, photographers, you name it!

Ideas & Skills

We connect those who code to those who have ideas for community solutions!

I Want to Help!

What's Involved

As part of Open San Diego, we do the following:

  • Learn - about community issues, data, and solutions
  • Discuss - solutions, challenges, technology and data
  • Build - technology solutions, information solutions, and bridges between government and the community
  • Influence - channel our solutions so that civic leaders and the community are empowered with the knowledge to make informed judgements and decisions
  • Network - connect with other like minded people excited about civic engagement, technology, openness and data driven decision-making

How to Participate

  • Come to a Meeting
  • Contact on Slack
  • Send us an idea
  • Send us an issue