EnCiv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit building tools that automate proven discussion processes, to transform the online mob into a productive force for democratic problem-solving.

Social media’s discussion process is like talking 1000’s of people and putting them in a room with a bullhorn. A productive process would take that mob and divide them into groups of 10 and lead them though speaking and listening to each other.

In 2020 we worked with Ballotpedia to engage candidates and voters across the country in our first online discussion process - automated video debates - called undebates. Now we are working on a self service portal undebate-ssp so democratically run organizationso, like the UCLA Student Association can create their own online debates. And we are working on unpoll a way for 1000’s of people to work together productively, and automatically to figure out what 4 (or so) questions to ask the candidates in the next undebate.


We are using React, MongoDB, Node, Figma, and other tools

Open Rolls

Marketing / Social Media Front End - React Back End - Node + Mongo

Projec Leads

@David Fridley on Slack, join the #enciv channel