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Ideas and Proposals: 2016 projects

Here’s the projects we’re currently developing:

See our full list of projects and repositories on GitHub. Got an idea? Share your idea, come to our meetings if you can to help us understand your idea better and the group might just pick it as one of our next projects.
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Successes since our kickoff

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Our Mission The things we care about.

  • We strengthen regional San Diego citizens’ experience as among the best in the nation
  • We assist San Diegans who want to collaborate and create a more engaged and efficient democracy.
  • We maximize the Internet’s potential locally to spur economic opportunities.
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We Meet Often. Come Join Us.

View our Meetup page for our next meeting – no RSVP necessary. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month from 6-7:30 downtown at The Vine Co-Workplace Conference Center on the 8th Floor, map: 101 West Broadway (above Chipolte) @ First Ave.) 92101. Typical meetings include presentations by local civic leaders, project updates and team work from customer surveying to marketing to programming and development. There’s literally something for everyone so if you have an interest in building tools that help our greater community we hope you’ll check us out and work with us.

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We Discuss Things Online. Join and Introduce Yourself.

Can’t make it to a meetup? No problem. We collaborate on projects, ask for help, and post wins to our Open San Diego Google Group where you can get new posts in email and reply. We welcome anyone to sign-up… you might just see something you’re interested in helping with.

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Help Your Community?
We could use your talents.

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we’re civic-minded volunteers of techies, creatives, business people and other civic-stakeholders that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations work. The Brigade is about action and you’re here because you are someone who takes action.

See what kind of things brigades do, or watch the TED talk given by Jennifer Pahlka, Founder of Code for America.

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Steering Team: helping make the magic happen…


Xavier Leonard

As our Brigade Captain, Xavier commits to developing a sustainable civic technology community in collaboration with local government and community partners, championing Brigade activities in San Diego, and building out a core leadership team. Contact Xavier | LinkedIn


Cristiano Giovando

As Delivery Lead, Cristiano is the point person and manager for Brigade projects and matches available volunteers with the right teams. Contact Cristiano | LinkedIn


Jerry Hall

As Community Organizer, Jerry works to build community, recruit talent needed on projects, onboards new Brigade members and interfaces with local government and other civic-stakeholders. Contact Jerry | LinkedIn


Alex Hempton

As Financial, Alex keeps our accounts in order and helps in a number of other ways. Contact Alex | LinkedIn

Our Partnerships with local government and community


Maksim Pecherskiy

As our Municipal Partner, Maksim represents the City of San Diego as their Chief Data Officer and connects local city leaders and staff with the Brigade. LinkedIn


Monique G. Lopez

As one of our pilot Community Members the Place Making Collective is partnering with the Brigade to focus on an alternative transportation bicycling-related application. LinkedIn

Current Special Teams and founding members


Benjamin Katz

At annual Special Events, Ben supports communicating positive relationships between local government and civic-technologists. LinkedIn


Robin Whithall

Robin was pivotal in the last two years helping communicate the Open San Diego messaging through our website, social media and event planning and management. LinkedIn


Jeffery Johnson

Joining the founding team early on, Jeff served in past-years as Brigade Captain, has been pivotal in building initial connections, communications and overseeing projects and events within the San Diego region. LinkedIn

Jed Sundwall

Jed founded Open San Diego and has been an advocate of open government and building relationships from the ground up and the top down for over a decade. LinkedIn

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Thinking about joining in the fun? We have something for everyone. However you get involved, you’ll find the experience rewarding.
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