Our Mission The things we care about.

  • We strengthen regional San Diego citizens’ experience as among the best in the nation
  • We assist San Diegans who want to collaborate and create a more engaged and efficient democracy.
  • We maximize the Internet‚Äôs potential locally to spur economic opportunities.
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Our Projects What we’re working on…

Alerts: Code Complaints

Get free SMS alerts or a weekly email whenever a City of San Diego Code Compliance complaint is filed in your area. Have an idea for other useful alerts? Use the form below and share your idea!


We’re building a web-based tool California school districts can use to optimize free meal program participation and federal reimbursement. Join us on Slack to get involved. If you’re a school district looking to pilot this tool let us know!

Open Source

We typically build in an open-source, liberally licensed environment. Check out these and our other work on GitHub.
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We Meet Often. Come Join Us.

View our Meetup page for our next meeting & RSVP. We typically meet twice a month for a speaker one week and a workshop the other. There’s something for everyone so if you have an interest in civic engagement we hope you’ll join us.

Next Meeting

Open San Diego: Regular Meeting Apr 16

Held by Open San Diego on 16 April 2019 7:00 PM

Open San Diego Regular Meeting

Tuesdays Once a Month NOW at 7:30pm...

Connect with others in GovTech ecosystem and build the bridge between government and technology. Leadership opportunities!!

Location TBA. We are working on... Read More

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Help Your Community?
We could use your talents.

We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we’re civic-minded volunteers of techies, creatives, business people and other civic-stakeholders that contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations work.

See what kind of things brigades do, and watch the TED talk given by Jennifer Pahlka, Founder of Code for America.

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Steering Team: helping make the magic happen…


Jerry Hall

As our Brigade Captain, Jerry is committed to developing a sustainable civic technology community in collaboration with local government and community partners, championing Brigade activities in San Diego, and building out a core leadership team. Contact Jerry | LinkedIn


Xavier Leonard

As our Past Brigade Captain, Xavier is committed to supporting the goals and activities of OpenSanDiego. LinkedIn

Our Partnerships with local government and Founders


Maksim Pecherskiy

As our Municipal Partner, Maksim represents the City of San Diego as their Chief Data Officer and connects local city leaders and staff with the Brigade. LinkedIn


Jeffery Johnson

Joining the founding team early on, Jeff is a Past Brigade Captain, has been pivotal in building initial connections, communications and overseeing projects and events within the San Diego region. LinkedIn


Jed Sundwall

Jed founded Open San Diego and has been an advocate of open government and building relationships from the ground up and the top down for over a decade. LinkedIn

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Thinking about joining in the fun? We have something for everyone. However you get involved, you’ll find the experience rewarding.



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