Employment in America

Posted on 02/08/2014 by OpenSanDiego


The NPR article says,

Whatever Friday’s monthly jobs report says, it won’t change the big picture. There are roughly 137 million jobs in this country. About two-thirds of those jobs are in private-sector services; the remaining third are split between goods-producing jobs (mainly manufacturing and construction) and government work (mostly at the state and local level).

Here’s a closer look, drawn from the same data that the government collects for the monthly jobs report. (You can see this data, in glorious detail, here.)

This chart is exemplary because its designer has transformed dozens of tables of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics into a simple, easy-to-read graphic. The color-coding is easy to follow at a glance (e.g., blue for government, red for goods, green for services). It’s also a lot more fun to explore than a bar chart.


What I think is special about this particular treemap is the labeling. Maybe people insert extra space for the labels, which disturbs the actual graphic proportions of the data. Or, they can’t fit the labels, so they create crazy abbreviations. The transparent larger labels is a really nice touch.

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