Come Learn R with Us!

Posted on 04/07/2011 by OpenSanDiego

Our very own Brian Conner (who is great) has offered to provide a high speed introduction to R, a free software environment for statistical computing and data visualization. From installation to data manipulation to plots and maps in one hour.

We’ll be holding it at the San Diego Foundation (map) at 6:30pm on April 20th.

Here’s what you can expect:

15 min:

  • What is R for? Outline a basic process of data analysis
  • Installation & Packages
  • Basic R Syntax (math, variables, loops, conditional logic, getting help, etc)
  • Vectors (the most basic R data structure) and functions

15 min:

  • Loading data
  • More Data Structures (Data Frames, Factors)
  • Manipulating & Exploring Loaded Data

25 min:

  • Graphing & exploring data with ggplot2 (and some other packages)
  • Writing a function (if time allows)
  • Plotting data on a map (if time allows)

Hopefully we’ll have time for questions too!

Important! This class is designed to be suitable for programmers and non-programmers (excel-level users) alike. It’s easier for us to accomplish our goal of making data available for people to use if we can help more people use data! Please don’t be intimidated and come on out!

Recommended materials and links on GitHub.

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